Live Betting on Horse Racing

horse race live bettingHow it works: Live Betting or Betting “In Running” enables the punter is able to bet on an event as it happens. This form of betting has become increasingly accessible to punters with the advancement in technology with faster broadband Internet connection speeds.

The odds are constantly in a state of flux so it requires the same sort of high-speed betting that you might associate with the stock exchange. In order to make a profit through live horse race betting you must have the mental agility to make quick decisions under pressure as well as having a good grasp of figures.

Where to Bet Live

Most of the leading bookmakers now offer live betting on horse racing in some form but some offer more markets than others. Betfair are among the leaders in this field and their site provides simple to follow guidelines to help explain the complexities of online live betting. They also have regular blogs and strategies specifically for “in running” bettors.

Other bookmakers may not have the same level of demand for live in-play betting at the moment but will offer markets on the biggest events such as The Grand National. If you are already registered with one or more bookmakers, check their sites first to see what is available and then compare with the likes of Betfair and the other Betting Exchanges.


Do your Homework

If you decide to venture into Live Betting you must ensure that you are equipped to do so. You must ensure that the pictures you are viewing are “live” and not subject to a time delay. You can determine which service provides the most current pictures by flicking between satellite and terrestrial coverage.

This form of betting demands total concentration and it is vital that you are capable of making quick decisions. Whilst betting on more traditional markets you may feel that a horse represents good value but have time to double-check before making your investment. There are no such luxuries with live wagering and you must have done your homework before the action starts.

Make sure that you understand the markets that you intend betting on and read the terms of the bookmaker thoroughly beforehand. You should familiarise yourself with the colours of all the runners and have a good knowledge of the racecourses. In the heat of battle, there is no time to wonder how many fences are still to be jumped or whether or not you are watching the right horse!


You may have a theory that a certain horse cannot win if it starts slowly and intend placing your bet very early in the race. The bookmaker’s odds change by the second so you must be certain that your Internet connection is fast enough to cope. If you have a clear strategy, stick to it and don’t allow yourself to be side-tracked once the race begins. Start with low stakes and do some trial runs first so that you can get a feel for this form of betting.

Because the odds are compiled on live action, they can vary enormously from 100-1 on to 1000-1 against. For example, a favourite may be coasting home with only a furlong to travel and the bookmakers may put massive odds up for a horse that appears well beaten. You have to be able to read a race well and be able to tell from the jockey’s body language how well his horse is travelling.

Champion jockey Tony McCoy can sometimes appear to be toiling away and getting nowhere but has been known to galvanize horses that have hit the ceiling price of 1000-1 in running. Whilst many jockeys may give up the ghost, McCoy keeps urging his horse forward until all hope of victory is lost.

In most cases the heavy odds-on horses go on to score but occasionally they will falter and a horse that touched 100-1 or bigger in running comes through to win. If your strategy revolves around betting odds-on, obviously you require a healthy percentage of winners to make any sort of profit. Conversely, you will only need to be right occasionally if backing at longer odds during a race but can expect long losing runs.

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